Fill This Halloween With Treats For Yourself!

By Cassandra Rudd

With Halloween right around the corner, treat yourself to a break before beginning or continuing your job search. Searching for a job is an important part of planning for your future, and it can put a lot of pressure on you.  This may lead to an increased amount of stress on top of everything else you are experiencing in your everyday life. Job searching does not need to feel like an endless escape scene from a horror movie, as long as you take the time to relax.

  • One of the best ways to relax, especially for college students, is to get plenty of sleep. Sometimes you can feel like a zombie after pulling all-nighters cramming for exams, working, and/or taking care of your family.  Strategizing a proficient job search on top of that can be daunting. Sleep is very important to your overall health and body functions, so squeeze in a little time for some extra z’s and you’ll start to feel better almost immediately.
  • Another thing you can do is to spend some time with friends. It has been said that spending time with friends, just hanging-out and having a few laughs can reduce your stress level.  Take part in some of the wonderful fall activities such as apple picking, pumpkin carving and sporting events.  By doing this, you are likely to reduce any stress you may have and release some feel good endorphins.
  • Visiting with family and spending time at home for a little while may be a source of comfort for you. Enjoying quality time with family to play games, bake cookies, or watch a movie can be like hitting the reset button for your body and mind which will leave you refreshed.
  • Perhaps you may want to go shopping! Getting a head start on your holiday shopping or buying yourself some new interview clothes can take your mind off of any stress you may have and make you feel better prepared at the same time!

Although searching for a job is important, it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice taking care of yourself in the process. Stress can be just as bad for your health as all those candy bars you may be tempted to sample during this Halloween.  Remember to take some time to relax!