‘Tis the Season for Career Fairs

by Cassandra Rudd

As a student in high school, I remember the annual career fair as a place to get free pens, stickers, key chains and stacks of pamphlets. Definitely not a place to think about your future prospects in the real world. However, now that I have reached my college years, I have developed a more realistic view of what the real world entails as far as the job market is concerned. With that being said, a Career Fair now has a new level of importance to me. Through the college research process, speaking with the Career Services staff and in my PDS class, I have learned that getting internships and setting up a job before finishing college are the keys to a successful life from the point of graduation forward.

On February 25th, from 1:00-3:30 p.m., Nichols College will be hosting its annual Career and Internship Fair in the Athletic Center. There are over 70 companies coming to this year’s Career Fair including Devereux, State Street Corporation, Unibank, The Hanover Insurance Group, Mohegan Sun, and the FBI’s Boston division among many others. To see a full list of companies and the jobs and internships they have to offer visit Road to Success on your MyNichols Portal. This is a great opportunity for college students, but also alumni and local community members, to gain insight concerning possible employers, internships and positions. A Career Fair like the one that Nichols College is hosting is a great place to network and present yourself to important people who may very well be interviewing you in a few months or years for a job or internship.

Although attending an event such as this as a freshman can be a bit intimidating, I think that it is a good experience to have; to prepare for what comes ahead in the job and internship search. The idea that there are over 70 companies seeking students just like you and me for internships and jobs is, to me, encouraging. We are constantly being told that because of the economy, our generation of students will have a difficult time finding work after we graduate. However, to see the number of companies eager and excited to meet students and share their available jobs and internships creates a feeling of optimism about what lies ahead after you earn your degree.

Nichols College is not the only school holding Career Fairs this time of year. Clark University, Westfield State University and Assumption College will all be hosting Career Fairs within the next month. These events, just like the one here at Nichols College, are open to the public. For more information about all of the Career Fairs visit Road to Success in your MyNichols Portal.