Dog Days of Summer Have You Feeling Down? Need Help Staying Motivated in Your Job Search?

By Lori Smith

The phrase “dog days of summer” refers to the hot, humid period of summer between early July and early September.  It is also often associated with a period of sluggishness and apathy.    This can be a difficult time for those in the job search to stay motivated.  Having a positive outlook and being motivated are essential for a successful job search.  The following are 5 ways to stay motivated in your job search:

1.  Realize Your Value!
Nothing makes you less motivated than feeling like a failure.  People often underestimate their value and experience.  Reflect on your experience, education and achievements.  What differentiates you from the competition?  What personal improvements can you make?

2.  Reward Yourself
Submitted three resumes this morning?  Invited in for an interview?  Made some new connections?  Take a moment to reward yourself for these accomplishments.  Take a break and go for a walk in the sun, meet a friend for a coffee, or sit down for a bit and read a book!  Don’t get burned out . . . take time to relax and rejuvenate.

3.  Keep It In Perspective
Discouraged by all of the bad news in the headlines?  Don’t believe everything you read or hear. After all, newspapers love bad news – it sells.  There is good news out there for jobseekers . . . companies are hiring!   Although the job hunt is hard work, the payoff is great!

4.  Avoid Burnout
It is important to maintain a healthy balance between job hunting and enjoying your life.  Spending hours on end on the computer, updating your documents, and networking will ultimately drain your energy level and you will be less productive.  Take time out for family and friends.  Create realistic schedules with breaks and stick to it!

 5.  Think Positive
Don’t go into application process with a negative attitude.  For example thinking, “What’s the point?  I’ll never get hired for this position.”  We have all faced rejection at one time or another.  Don’t let it get you down.  Remember, every “no” is one step closer to a “yes.”  View the process as great practice, especially the interviews.  Be calm, confident and positive!